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WQ sewage pump

catalogues: Sewage Pump
Capacity: 10-8000m³/h
Head: 5-60m
Power: 1.1-315kw
Size: 25-600mm
Time: 2020-11-18


Sewage Submersible Pump can be widely used in transfer waste water, rainwater and living water etc. which contains solid grains and various long fibers.

Technical Performance of WQ Sewage Submersible Pump

Discharge diameter: 25~600 mm

Capacity: 10~8000m³/h

Head: 5~60m

Power: 1.1~315kw

Diameter of pass solids: 20~145mm

Operation Condition of WQ Sewage Submersible Pump

1). Rated Voltage: 380V/460V, Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz, 3-phase AC.

2). Temperature of medium under 60ºC.

3). PH value: 5-9.

4). Volume ratio of solid in medium below 2%.

5). Density of medium should be lower than 12000kg/m³.



Discharges system of urban sewage treatment plant.

Sewage discharge stations in residential areas.

Subway,basement,human defense system drainage station.

Discharge of thin slurry in municipal engineering and construction sites.

Sewage discharge and irrigation in rural areas.

Water supply equipment for water works.

Matching of mining control and water treatment equipment.

Water supply and drainage. etc.

Model significance

100 WQ 100-15-7.5

100 - discharge diameter (mm)

WQ- submersible sewage pump

100 - Rated flow (m3 / h)

15 - Rated head (m)

7.5 - Motor rated power (Kw)

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