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why us


Ruite pump is a leading Chinese pump manufacturer and devoted to offering professional slurry pump solutions for you. We have successfully undertaken many projects in over 60 countries. Innovative R&D department and state-of-art technology are the basis of Ruite pump high quality products. Scientific model selection and slurry transporting solution helps to reduce your purchase and maintenance cost. Above all, all-around services will save you a lot of effort and it will be a enjoyable experience.

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Unique material

·We can produce conventional materials: T05(KmTBCr26), T07(KmTBCr15Mo), T49, T33, T61,R55, S31, EPDM, Ceramic etc.

·Our unique material:  MC01, the service life of MC01 has been extended by 50% than KmTBCr26.




After-sales service

Training: free training about methous of pump application and maintenance.

Guidance on site: installation guidance and possible problem elimination.

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