Ruite Slurry Pump Service

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Ruite Slurry Pump Service

Ruite pump provides professional slurry transport solutions,slurry pump&spare parts.


To provide localized services, our sales engineers are divided to five groups according to geographical and cultural factors. Excellence provides staff with regular internal trainings at every Thursday and irregular external training courses. Therefore, professional sales team can provide all-around services, including:

1. Data calculation & pump model selection
2. Pump parameters sheet & pump performance curve
3. General Assembly Drawing
4. Receiving clients & factory tour
5. Visiting clients & field investigation

In the first place we are capable of providing ideal pumping solutions for your specific application. Particularly we would assist you in selection of pumps, matching components, materials, andseals to ensure maximum efficiency, the longer service life possible, and minimized maintenance cost. Inaddition, we are delighted to offer suggestions on the spar parts for your pumps based on your specificaplications to maximize pump uptime.

For some large-scale pumping projects, we are able to provide a complete solution and an integratedrange of auxliany pumping equipment. Our sales engineers are all on standby to help prospective customers solve any problems or technical issues met during their day-to-day pumping operations. Our sales representatives will be glad to reply you shortly after they receive your emall or quotation request.


If you provide us the Weir Minerals WARMAN® pump models and we could make a offer for you within 24 hours.
But if you have slurry handling need but hard to make sure a slurry pump model and please feel free to contact us and our engineer will help you find the right pump.
Three data are key important:
1. Flow Capacity 2. Flow Head 3. Slurry Specific Gravity.
Also considering your application and the pump seal way (Packing Seal,Hi-seal,Mechanical Seal) is very important. Also for the slurry PH,engineer will choose if rubber liner slurry pump or metal liner slurry pump are better for you.


For customers who have already placed orders, we would keep you updated on the delivery and ask youifyou have any packaging requirements one week before shipping out your ordered products.

At Ruite, we strictly adhere to the ISO standards under which the company is certified. We also setvarious check points along the production line and maintain records of the results after inspection.Whenever customers want the record, we can provide it. Upon you request, we can perform hydraulicperformance tests on the complete pumping equipment and send the testing report along with the pump.

Our ability to produce upto 1200 tons of castings proves that we can handle your pumping projects largeor small. We stock parts for pumps offered, which further shortens the delivery time. At Ruite we havewhat it takes to understand your pump and pump parts requirements, and strive to meet them.


Our service does not stop when the delivery is done. Rather, we see the completion of delivery as a newstarting point of our service. To be specific, our after-sales service mainly includes providing pump relatedinformation and training operators on the installation, commissioning, use, and maintenance of pumps aswell as troubleshooting common pump problems. We will make every effort to schedule the follow up visitto ensure you are happy with the purchase or listen to your suggestions on how to improve our presentproducts.

If customers do have issues with our product quality, please let us know. We will reply to you within 24hours and ask you about the specific quality problems. Based on the description of the defective products,our engineers would quickly analyze the root cause of defects and give proper solutions. If it is necessary,we will send our agents or engineers to your site for on site service. The cost generated from the visit willbe the responsibility of customers.

To better serve clients, we organize various training activities for our sales men s0 that they can givestraightforward answers when technical questions are asked. After a series of training courses, our salesmen are able to provide price quotes to clients right on the spot based on customer specific pumpingapplications. They are also capable of clearing your doubts about product quality in the shortest possibletime.


Considering the order pump size and we could provide case or pallet as per your need to make sure it safe enough during the long distance road and ocean shipping.have its own export company  and so we could help you find the best ocean shipping solution and service for you from the goods out of factory to your destination.


We have more than 20 years experienced pump installation workers and are very aware of any onside application.We could provide abroad pump installation service and expect pump manufacturing and sales,abroad pump installation is getting more and more popular by our regular clients abroad.


Performance Chart,Components Diagram,Installation Drawing, our newest E-Catalogue,please feel free to send us a email and we will send you within 24 hours.

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