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1. Calculation

Based on equipments, pipes, slurry properties and other original parameters, we could do more professional calculation to get the exact technical data

2. Design and Selection

we can select the most suitable pump model and the materials of the wet parts (like MC01, anti-abrasive metal alloy, rubbers, ceramics, macromolecular composite materials) based on technical parameters.The optimal solution is considered from the aspects of the efficiency, life, maintenance.

3. Slurry transporting design

We have the engineering department can devoted to the professional design of the slurry delivery of pump and pipeline. They can provide the complete design proposal for the whole project. Shijiazhuang Ruite Pump Co.,Ltd has founded the institute, which especially offers the whole design service for the slurry transporting project.

4. Customer service

provide the comprehensive customer service, we can do the installation guide at site and train the workers maintenance for customers, and offer the spare parts timely. If anything urgent, our local agent will assist you at the first time.

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