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CT4 Sewage Pump

catalogues: Sewage Pump
Capacity: 5-320m³/h
Head: 7-100m
Power: 1.1-37kw
Size: 50-200mm
Time: 2021-06-22


CT4 explosion-proof submersible sewage pump is mainly used in petroleum and chemical industry. In order to meet different users requirements, there are three different materials, casting iron, 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel; moreover about the pump, there are three major pump types, explosion-proof ordinary type, explosion-proof automatic stirring type, explosion-proof and cutting type.

Product Features

1. For this series of pumps, they adopt explosion-proof submersible motors (certified) certified by domestic professional inspection agencies and are equipped with hydraulic parts with strong passing ability.

2. The motor and pump adopt coaxial transmission mode, and the rotating shaft is supported by combined rolling bearings, which has the characteristics of stable operation, reliability and long service life.

3. The motor electromagnetism adopts computer-aided design, and the hydraulic parts are designed by imported hydraulic design and software design, so that the product has higher unit efficiency and excellent dirt passing capacity.

4. For preventing the mechanical seal bearing high pressure, we adopts the independent advanced technology to replace the traditional auxiliary impeller technology to ensure the reliable use of the mechanical seal and improve the electric pump efficiency.

5. The pump is equipped with built-in overheating and leak detection protection, which makes the damage of the pump to the lowest when accidents occur.

6. Due to reasonable product design, it is very convenience for users to maintenance and operation.

7. For this kind of pump, there are many different kinds installation methods to satisfy different users’ requirements.

8. The high-power (above 11kW) pump is designed with its own forced cooling motor system, which allows the users to control the pump in the low water level.

Working Conditions

1. The place having explosion-proof requirements must matches the explosion-proof mark

2. The using technical parameters must matches the selected pump’s performance parameters

3. The medium temperature is generally within 0℃~50℃

4. The medium PH value is 6~10

5. the medium weight is less than 1.1kg/m3

6. For the pumps without internal self-circulating cooling system, the exposed part of the motor can not exceed 1/2.

7. 380V, 50Hz, 3-phase power supply

8. The actual flow working range doesn’t exceed 0.4~1.3 times of the rated flow

9. Strictly operate according to the pump’s operation instructions

10. Specific negotiation on the applicable conditions 

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