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YW Sewage Pump

catalogues: Sewage Pump
Capacity: m³/h
Head: m
Power: kw
Size: mm
Time: 2021-06-17


YW Submerged Sewage Pump is a new generation pump product successfully combined foreign advanced technology with domestic pumps’ features.It has the unique features of perfect energy-saving effects,anti-entanglement, non-blocking, automatic installation and automatic control. Moreover, It also has a unique effect in discharging solid particles and long-fiber sewage. Moreover, the pump can work directly when submerging in the liquid and doesn’t need to build a pump room.

Product Features

1. The pump has the special design of large flow channel anti blocking hydraulic component, which has greatly improved the passing ability of dirty products, it can pass through the fibre length which 5 times of the pump’s outlet diameter and the solid particles of 50% of the pump outlet diameter.

2. Reasonable design, reasonable supporting motor, high efficiency, low noise, perfect energy saving effect.

3. The mechanical seal adopts a new type of double channel hard corrosion resistant tungsten carbide, and ensure the pump can operate safely and continuously over 8000 hours.

4. The pump has compact structure, small volume and very convenient for movement and installation.

5. It can be equipped with a fully automatic control cabinet according to different users need, according to the required liquid level, the start and stop of the pump can be automatically controlled. It does not need to be supervised by a special person, and it is extremely convenient to use.

6. The pump has the vertical structure, and the pump body is immersed in the liquid during operation, so it is easy to start. There is no the problem of exhaust and evacuation. At the same time, it has the characteristics of no leakage, and the depth of the liquid can reach 0.5-7.0 meters.

7. The connecting shaft structure is very advanced and reliable, the pump and the motor are connected by a coupling, and the pump shaft develops a precise size, which ensures the smooth operation of the pump and leaves a sufficient safety factor.

8. Within the working heads scope, it can ensure that the motor is not be overloaded.

9. For the pump, There are two different installation, single pipe installation and double pipe installation, and the supporting parts are installed with discs and square plate.

Application Scope

1. Sewage discharge of enterprises & business

2. Discharge system of urban sewage treatment plant

3. Sewage drainage station of residential area

4. Sewage drainage station of civil air defense system

5. Sewage discharge of hospitals & hotels

6. Sewage Discharge of municipal engineering and construction sites

7. Supporting water treatment equipment for exploration mines

8. Rural biogas digesters and farmland irrigation

9. Water supply device of water plant

Working Conditions

1. The medium temperature is generally not more than 60℃, the medium weight is less than 1~1.3kg/m3, the using scope is PH5~9.

2. Under normal circumstances, the pump must be used within the working head range to ensure the motor is not overloaded. It should be noted separately when the pump is used in the full head range。

3. The pump motor current must not exceed the motor's rated current during operation。

4. It should be noted in detail if there are special temperature, medium other special requirements.

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