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TSPR slurry pumps

catalogues: Vertical slurry pump
Capacity: 8-450m³/h
Head: 4-30m
Power: 15-110kw
Size: 40-150mm
Time: 2020-11-16


TSPR Series vertical slurry pumps are similar in TSP series. The major difference lies in the material of wet parts. The wet parts of TSPR series are made of natural rubber, which are idea for the transportation of strong corrosive slurries without shape edge.


1. Doesn’t need any seal and the seal water;
2. Work normally even if the suction volume is not enough;
3. Single casing structure with the advantages of light weight, small volume, easy installation;
4. Anti-corrosive wet parts made of natural rubber;
5. Transmission shaft and suction pipe could be chosen according to liquid surface of the slurry pool;
6. Able to run smoothly under various speeds.

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