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TQ slurry pump

catalogues: Submersible Slurry Pump
Capacity: 25-2000m³/h
Head: 10-120m
Power: 3-315kw
Size: 65-400mm
Time: 2020-09-13


TQ series slurry pump is a kind of submersible slurry pump. The coaxial electric motor and pump submerged together into water to work. The wear part of this series pumps are made of high wear abrasive chrome alloy.

TQ seres submersible slurry pump is mainly made of three parts: pump head, electric motor, and sealing parts.

The pump’s preposition agitator impeller can spray sedimentary and warp into high concentration slurry.

The unique sealing device can effectively balance the oil inside and outside to protect mechanical seal reliability, the electric motor adopt protection device, for example, overheating protection testing, water detection protection etc to guarantee working well in worse working conditions for long term.


1.The coaxial electric motor and pump submerged into water to work.

2.preposition agitator impeller can spray sedimentary and warp into high concentration slurry

3.High abrasive resistance high chrome alloy wear parts

4.Wide channel, big flow capacity to allow bigger particles pass.

5.Special sealing device can protect mechanical sealing stable to prevent high pressure water and impurity.

6.Electric motor with overheating protection testing, water detection protection etc.

7.Clean the slurry completely because of electric motor and pump submerged itno water to work without suction head limit.

Application Industry

Used for metallurgy, chemical, mine, coal, power, building, civil environment protection and river dredging for transfering sand and gravel, coal slag and tailings slurry with abrasive solid particles.

Usage of TQ seres submersible slurry pump

1.Dredging for river, lake, artificial lake, port.

2.Suction sand in river, lake and sea.

3.Discharging sedimental and mud slurry

4.Drainage in civil pipeline and rainwater pumping station

5.Cleaning steel mill and ore treatment plant settling pond, power plant’s sediment coal pool and pollution water treatment plant oxidation ditch sediment pool.

6.Transferring water and slag slurry in steel and iron mill.

7.Transferring tailings and slag pulp in concentrating mill.

8.Cleaning slime and slurry in coal mine

9.Transferring coal fly ash, slime and coal slurry

10.Absorbing all kinds of carborundum, silica sand and steel slag solid particles.

11.Gold sand dredging, iron sand suction and mineral processing

12.Transfer slurry with all kinds of impurity

13.Transfer slurry with more bigger solid particles

Alias: Submersible pumping sand pump, submersible suction sand pump, submersible mud and sand pump, submersible slurry pump.

Usage Environment

1.Electric motor: 50HZ/60HZ, 3Phase, 380 V, AC

2.The media max. temperature 60℃, without flammable and combustible gas.

3.Slurry max. concentration: Ash slurry 45%, slag slurry 60%

4.Submersible depth: Max. 150m, Min.1m

5.By vertical way to work, the continuous working status.

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