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ZGB slurry pumps

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Capacity: 50-1800m³/h
Head: 50-94m
Power: 30-710kw
Size: 65-300mm
Time: 2020-09-13



Bearing: level open type bearing assembly,

              high capacity bearing design,

              bearing oil lubrication,

              equipped with two sets of bearing cooling system,

              ensure safe and reliable operation.

adjust clearance:adjust the clearance between the impeller and the frame plate to ensure the efficient operation of the pump.


Shaft seal:packing seal, stuffing, impeller sealing and container type mechanical seal, applicable to different working conditions.


Drive: direct drive, triangle belt drive, hydraulic coupling drive, reducer drive.


The outlet direction of the ZGB pump can be rotated at 8 angles so as to meet the different installation conditions.


1.long service life
2.Abrasion resistant wet parts
3.oil lubricated bearing.scientific lubricating and cooling system ensure that the bearing operates under low temperature;

4. Less power consumption is realized by Direct connection design. Pump capacity and head can be adjusted by altering the outer diameter of impeller.

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