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Slurry pump use notes

To extend the service life of the slurry pump is not only the correct selection of slurry pump, in its operation there are a lot of slurry pump use precautions, so that the initial selection of appropriate, later use reasonable to effectively extend the life of the slurry pump Reduce the use of slurry production costs.

Slurry pump use notes are as follows:

1, Before the pump to prepare work

Close the gate and bring the water, the pipeline material to do, to avoid the pump after the material in the feed and volute precipitation, otherwise there are three cases affect the pump life.

After stopping the pump material sink, can not start using the pump again;

Although the pump can start again after the pump, but the pump will start in a large shake. This is mainly caused by the precipitation of the material

The eccentric force is generated in the rotation of the water wheel.

pump after the pump material into the pump into the water pipe is blocked.

2, To ensure that the pump is allowed to run under the slurry

Each type of slurry pump provides the maximum concentration of pulp and the maximum concentration of particles, the site should be used to ensure that the pump to run within the allowable range.

too high concentration will cause the feed tube resistance is too large, will cause serious damage to the pump parts.

more than the maximum allowable particles particles, it will block the water wheel flow, vibration, may damage the flow components.

3, To avoid the pump in the case of high pressure air duct is not closed to run

Some of the concentrator in the use of slurry pump, in order to prevent material sinking usually in the feed pipe near the feed tank is equipped with high-pressure air duct, high-pressure air duct used to drum up the pump and sink material After the pump feed port is blocked by the material and can not be material.

But must start the slurry pump when the high-pressure air duct closed, as the high-pressure air duct is not closed or closed lax will cause material with a high pressure, because the pump inlet pressure is low.

The gas expands in the material through the water pipe, into the high pressure area after the water wheel, rushed to the volute and liner caused by wear and tear, causing severe volute or liner fracture.

4, To avoid the slurry pump in the case of insufficient filling operation

Slurry pump installed in the use of Perfusion way, the pump in the normal work process, the pump inlet part of the absolute pressure in the flow will inevitably be reduced, the minimum pressure area appears in the vicinity of the inlet of the water wheel.

This minimum pressure zone, with external conditions, the absolute pressure of the pumped population, may be as low as the critical pressure of water saturated steam pressure, resulting in cavitation.

The pressure in this minimum pressure zone in a hazardous pump during operation is not constant and depends on the infusion height relative to the free liquid level in the sink.

5, Pay attention to the supply of the shaft sealing water of the slurry pump

Some slurry pump in the use of the process to ensure that the pump shaft seal. Will pass a certain amount of shaft seal water to ensure that the slurry pump.

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