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Repair method of slurry pump casing

Slurry pump materials in general are good, but like the pump casing and flow components, including impellers, etc. often suffer slurry erosion of the slurry pump parts will inevitably be damaged, so in the purchase of the election is a reliable, Product quality is guaranteed by the manufacturers is the most important.

Slurry pump casing repair sub-heating repair method and cold repair method two:

Hot repair process description:Slurry Pump Casing

Heat welding process is complex, suitable for larger force or shape changes in the larger parts

Before welding, the pump casing on the mold, covered with yellow sand, surrounded by charcoal or coke

Preheat the pump casing, the time is 2-5h. Warm up the temperature should be gradually increased

Gradually heated to about 500 ℃, the pump casing red, and then exposed to the welding parts of the pump casing

The remaining parts covered with asbestos board, and then cast iron welding rod or stainless steel welding rod

After welding, the pump casing in the furnace naturally slow back to the internal stress

Cold repair process is described as follows:

(1)Welding groove. In the pump casing crack at the front of 5mm at the depth of 15-20mm deep hole

Will crack into V-shaped or U-shaped groove, the groove should be smooth and clean

The surface of the metallic luster is ground with a width of 100 mm or more around the bead area of the groove by the grinding wheel

(2)Welding materials used nickel-iron alloy electrodes, electrodes to be dry, remove the drug skin moisture, to prevent the production of pores when welding

(3)Before welding with oxygen acetylene flame groove and groove around the 200mm Department to about 150 ℃

Remove the groove of the machine and water, to prevent welding when the pores, slag and other defects

At the same time make the pump casing repair area temperature equilibrium, to be cooled to 40-60 ° C when the workpiece began welding

(4)Welding, the use of a smaller current, intermittent short arc, so that the pump casing heat affected zone as small as possible to prevent cracks

(5)After each welding section, just off the arc, the weld is still red hot state

Rapid hammer with a sharp hand hammer weld with external force to help extend the plastic and reduce thermal stress

Improve the density, while the residue clean-up

(6)Welding is completed, should immediately use asbestos cloth on the pump casing insulation, so that it can slow cooling to room temperature

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